When I first started with websites 22 years ago, only geeks used to do them (no offense guys), but as a graphic designer I wasn't happy with what was out there. So I had to learn myself.

So much has changed since then and still is.. constantly!

Their still is a lot of confusion about the whole website thing, with domain names, hosting, D.I.Y, Google, Mobile Friendly, Design, SEO, Bla Bla Bla and how it all goes together, "free" web page building sites and tricks they use to get you in.

We can look after everything for you or just part - it's totally up to you.

How people visit your website has changed dramatically in the last few years with the majority of people now using mobile phones over desktop computers. So it only makes sense that your site NEEDS TO BE easily readable and adjust to any device - wide or tall, big or small.
In fact Google announced back in 2015 that they will not rank as well sites that aren't mobile friendly when searching from a mobile device. So if you have an old website that isn't mobile friendly, it won't rank as well as your competitors mobile friendly website.

This type of website design is called "RESPONSIVE" design.

See for yourself - if you are viewing this website on a laptop or normal monitor simply resize your browser window and see what happens or visit the site with your phone or ipad and see the difference. One website that responds to whatever devise size screen that it is viewing the site without shrinking the text and make your an easy experience for all visitors.



  • Google ranks these site over old sites
  • Most people look at your site through their phones
  • Design adjusts to screen size automatically
  • It's just one website for all sizes
  • Only have to edit one site for changes
  • Fonts remain readable even on small screens
  • Images are sharper
  • Navigation adjusts to screen size
  • Navigation stays at top of page (optional)
  • No need to zoom in read content

We have been in the website industry for over 14 years and have decided to stop doing big development sites and just specialise in what the everyday small business needs - an affordable 1-3 page website that is simple, fast loading, clean, classy, responsive and easy to read and navigate with a call to action.

We can look after everything for you or just part - it's totally up to you. Domain name registration, Design, Hosting, Changes, Reports


Your domain name is more than just a name. There are 3 things to consider when choosing the right domain name:

1). If your customer base is Australia it is always best to get a .COM.AU domain name. If you are doing something that has not country based or global it would be best to get .COM - If possible get both.

2). It is good idea to have your website domain name be the same as your business name to save confusion and keep things consistent and easy to remember for existing customers.

3). Web search Marketing - It is best to some research into what people who what your good and services type into search engines - for example if your business was a printer and your business name was 'ABCD Printing' and you wanted printing from local people on the Sunshine Coast it would make sense that if you are targeting customers from search engines would be to have a domain name "" so it targets location and your service. As people would search that more than typing in your actual ABCD Printing unless they know your business. In this case it would be best to get both domain names so you capture all customers.

4). There is a new domain extension available now which is .AU - instead of - if available I would advise to get both (before your competitor does). It may take a while before this domain extension takes off like which really never did, So I would advise stick to the most common until things change. And if it doesn't then you still own it so your competitors cant pretend to be you.
Most domain names can be registered for minimum of 12 months by anyone, but when registering an Australian domain name ie: .COM.AU you will require the need of ABN or ACN or Business Name to do so as Australia has great stricter rules to stop other people from domain name ownership. Which is a good thing. This ABN or ACN or Business Name doesn't need to match the domain name - it is just required for ownership.
You don't need to register a domain name at the same place where you are going to be hosting your website. They can be in two different places.
Website Hosting is a large/fast/powerful computer or server that contains all your website design files and images that make your website work, function and display on the world wide Web. There are a few different plans available depending on your site size, how many people access your site at the same time, security and speed. Most hosting firms allow you to always upgrade as your needs grows.
Once you have a hosting account you will get access to your own back-end CPANEL (Control Panel) for your new website then we can create your own email addresses free to match your site ie:, These can either be forwarded (email forwarder) to any other address like gmail or bigpond etc or can create your own account with password so you can set up on your outlook or email program.<
When we do a website, all our websites are responsive so can be accessed on all mobile devices. We also code our websites so that search engines can easily read your website for maximum listing. We also set up Statistics so that you will know where and how people are finding your website. Our images are optimised so that smallest memory size for maximum loading time but maximum quality. We also submit your new website to search engines so to get you listed promptly - without doing anything can sometimes take up to 3-6 months to get listed.
Websites can be complex but we will explain things in a step by step stage and simple way to get what we need from you like text and images and a plan of attack so that we can have your new site up within 7 days.
Once your site is up and running you will need to change text or images etc - weekly, monthly, etc. We charge $80 hour or minimum of $40 for changes to the site and will have done within 24hours (normally within 12hours).
If you have a website you need statistics so you can see if your site is working or not - and if not then make appropriate changes. With stats you can find out things like Unique visitors, returning visitors, if they came from search engines, other links or just typing into browser from business card or advert etc. Most frequently accessed pages, least visited pages, accesses from mobile devises or non mobile devises. County access, and newly added gender etc.
We will have statistics emailed to you weekly or monthly in a PDF format.
Just by having a website doesn't automatically get you listed on search engine. Some sites (if nothing is done) can take many weeks to be visited by search engine robots. Then on top of that just having your site listed in Google doesn't matter if you are 50 pages down. That's where getting a good ranking in the top pages counts. This is called SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION or S.E.O. and is a different job.
Search engines and how they rank website are constantly changing because spammers and marketing people are trying to hack their process and trick sites like Google to rank sites higher than normal. With this said Google has revealed there are a check list of qualifications that site need to meet to get the optimum ranking.
There are things we do and very practical things that you can do to greatly help push your site up the ranks. It is a constant battle because if your competitor changes things then that can push your listing down. We can create a report that tells us what changes your competitor does and so what we can do to counter attack. Also you can always write or add better content to your website for Google to rank better.
Websites and everything that goes with it (like the list above) can get quite complicated and confusing and easy to forget so if you are an existing customer we offer friendly advice and support. But if you simply want to move your website to somewhere else we will hand everything over and transfer things with no questions asked.
This is what Google say - "Optimizing for RankBrain (name of Google's search engine) is actually super easy, and it is something we've probably been saying for fifteen years now, is – and the recommendation is – to write in natural language. Try to write content that sounds human. If you try to write like a machine then RankBrain will just get confused and probably just pushes you back.
But if you have a content site, try to read out some of your articles or whatever you wrote, and ask people whether it sounds natural. If it sounds conversational, if it sounds like natural language that we would use in your day to day life, then sure, you are optimized for RankBrain. If it doesn't, then you are 'un-optimized'.
Some hosting companies and content management system vendors include 'SEO' services in their packages.
In general, these offers usually include automated tools that insert keywords and other code on your web pages and then they submit your site to Google and other search engines.
Your risk: The fully automated solutions offered by many hosting companies and CMS (Content Management Systems) vendors are usually outdated. Nowadays, these methods don't work anymore. In general, automatic optimization and link building is considered spam by Google.
Maybe you know someone who knows someone who is really great with computers. They can 'fix the SEO' on your website and you will save a lot of money because they do not charge much.
Your risk: Your relative might know how to code an HTML web page but that doesn't mean the he or she has any SEO knowledge. Not everyone who is good with numbers can do your accounting. Bad optimization can do more harm than good. So just be aware and ask the questions.

So, what does it cost?

As everybody has different requirements and there are cheaper options out there - I am telling you straight that other sites have either cut service or quality or undersold you - and we don't want you go through changing things 2-3 times a year, as well as your site going down because you simply saved $10-$20 - and then have to pay another person or company to make those changes to fix- WE ARE ON YOUR SIDE with a minimal fee simply because we have less overheads - to set up and manage, we have a base price with options available:

Our Costs: Including publish to search engines, Google tracking code.

  • To register a Domain Name on your behalf - .com = $40 per year, = $60 for 2 years
  • Website Hosting : - Basic $125 yearly, for Wordpress: $240 Year
  • SSL - Secure certificate (to make site secure and Google list better sites that are secure): - add $80 yearly
  • Responsive and search engine ready website START at - $699+gst
  • To enable you to EDIT EXISTING TEXT & IMAGES ADD + $250 (=$949+gst)
  • To enable FULL CONTROL of content /Wordpress ADD + $810 (=$1509+gst)
  • Additional contract work - we charge $80+gst hour +GST
  • If you want me to do changes to website for you/same day - $80 hour or minimum of - $40+gst

No hidden costs or lock-in contracts - you own and have control of everything - no hidden escape fees like so many firms catch you with.
To keep costs down, we have a range of pre-built templates to choose from or we can custom build if you like. This way what we need from you is simply content text and images and colours and we can have your site up within 7 days.